Songs That Reference Gambling

If you're looking for some inspiration while you're playing live casino, you should look to the musical world. Over the years there have been many songs written that reference gambling, some telling of losses and others of super casino wins.

The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

This song retells a conversation with a long-time poker player while on a train. He is given advice on how he should live his life through poker metaphors and at the end of the song the poker player dies. The lyrics of the song were responsible for the poker catchphrase, 'know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em'.

The Angel and the Gambler (Iron Maiden)

There could be two translations of the lyrics in this song. It could be seen as referencing an angel who is trying to stop a compulsive gambler from losing any more money. However, an angel is also a phrase for a rich man who pays a gambler to bet.

Luck be a Lady (Frank Sinatra)

This world-famous entertainer was a renowned poker player and regularly frequented the super casino of Las Vegas. He wrote this song about the city and his life at the live casino tables.

House of the Rising Sun (Animals)

The lyrics of this song should be listened to by anyone who plays supercasino games. It tells you that gambling is a fun hobby, while it remains as such. However, it can become a burden and ruin your entire life if you become addicted to it.

The Card Cheat (The Clash)

This song retells the story of a card cheat who tries to win a game of poker by hiding a card up his sleeve. However, when he produces the winning hand he is caught out by the dealer and is subsequently killed.

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